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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"

I think I have an idea for level 6. Hit the thing with your sword and when it is recovering use a charged attack.

This is possibly one of the most broken games I've ever played. Controls are terrible, enemies are predictable, and that boss thing on level 6 is near impossible because of the difficulty involved in trying to execute a charged attack. I can only hope the sequels are more functional.

The controlls could stand to be a little tighter but the animation was beautiful. Character design was good as well. Sound effects were ok. The objective when fighting the boss-demon-thing was unclear as I wasn't sure right away if I was supposed to push it back with the power attack or simply damage him untill it died.
The frustration factor is what really brought the rating down, allthough it could stand to have some more complexity in the puzzle solving and untilization of abilities.
Not being able to jump kind of threw me off, allthough since it's not a vital ability it's more of a comfort thing.

this game was made to make players rage, the controls are so sensitive , the eagles is dumber than a brick and the levels look terrible so seriously WTF!!