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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"

It's an okay game, but the collision detection is horrible.

Fantastic game, I just keep accidentally quitting the game and then having to play toward where I was. Not too bad. Nothing the sequels didn't fix :3

The stage 6 boss ruins the game completely. It's completely invincible when it uses its default attack. It can only be harmed when it decides to use a different attack. Its invincible attack drives you towards a wall of spikes that instantly kill you. You are not able to position yourself so that you are not driven towards the spikes. Your heavy attack does not work against this boss for no reason. There is nothing that your eagle can do. The boss only registers damage as being done to it when it enters its "recovery phase". It will only enter its recovery phase if you hit it with the slowest part of your basic combo. It almost always just does its invincible attack before it lands. You can do an uppercut to knock it out of any attack it does and push it back slightly, but it seems to store frames on its invincible attack so that it can bring it out quickly the instant you stop uppercutting it. Actually beating the thing requires more exploit than skill.

At least the sequels are better.

D-SuN responds:

Check out Armed with Wings Rearmed on Steam. It's a remake of AwW1 - You'll love it :)

Armed with Wings 1’s story has the typical rebellion and a hero who must fight back in order to restore balance. I wasn’t too happy with this aspect, although the concept of the blackmist is really interesting. What would’ve made this game more interesting is the return from death, turning into blackmist...

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not the best game but good ^^