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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"

This is hard. I'm giving this a rate of 4

Quick game that turns into antagonizing grind

The level 6 boss isn't hard, just strike him down, and when he is down, use the down charge move, wait till 20-10 seconds, for maximum strength. Or else you'll just die over and over. But that 3rd platform on stage 9 just rouses my ire. It doesn't go as down as the other platforms. But all in all good origin game.


I cant figure out how to beat the boss in lvl 6. so thats as far as I got.

Nintendo - hard

I came to this game fortunately in wrong order, having just discovered the series thanks to Culumination. Now - obviously, it is much superior in terms of gameplay and design. But this part? Good grief, it is hard, and not in the "good" way, but in the "nintendo" way. I grind my teeth and continue playing - but only because I want to finish the series. From the bizzarely difficult first boss (and sadly, more difficult due to the glitch in controls, which sometimes fails to detect a hit), to the rather absurd dexternity challenges with your bird (a subtle clue - if you wish to challenge our flying skills in a time trial, for crying out loud, make sure the controls are SMOOTH). Not to mention often dropping off the ledges due to the character moving too damn fast. Still, a decent game - a crude beginning to awesome series, tis seems.


Love this game! I'd give it 10 stars if you were able to save your progress...-_-