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Reviews for "Armed with Wings 1"


It's a good game. I like the story. One question though. Why the FUCK Is the menu theme a fragmented audio clip of Midna's "Time in Need" theme? That is the biggest offense to any Legend of Zelda fan. That's the only reason I'm dunking you down to a 7 because you chose to post a game with not only another games theme but a MODIFIED theme! Rate this as useless. I don't really care about if you think I'm a retard or whatever you want to call me cause it takes one to know one.

one of the best animated games i've played

but may i please know why in 1 and 2 [haven't tryed 3] THE FLOOR IS LIKE ICE??? that's the part which makes me angry. I die only because i fall from that cliff stuff righ tinto the spikes. 2 was the same.


I love this game.......... and the title theme:D


I'm sure i would like this game, but its not working. the character isn't moving or anything when i hit the keys.

one word