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DeadBaby VG Dressup

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QUICK NOTE: Not all the characters have Misc items. Practice in Free Play mode to figure out how each guy gets put together. Lastly, the clutter was intentional. "Sifting" is part of the challenge.

If your really stumped check out the full guide on how to create each guy (copy+paste in browser): http://diverge.ws/?page=v iewarticle&id=1

INSTRUCTIONS: Click and drag items onto the baby to build famous video game characters! When the item is in the correct spot it will "snap" into place. Change the baby's color to match the character. Utilize "Free Play" mode to train and learn how to build each character, then take on "Timed Mode" and scramble to build each character within the time limit! Beat challenge mode and get a reward!

Caulder Bradford: Programming, Music/Sound, "Timed Mode" Concept
Edmund Mcmillen: Artwork, Original Concept
Tom Fulp: Sponsorship

http://www.thisisacryforh elp.com

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Im here just bc of the repentance post. I dont know if i am doing something or im just playing an old videogame. Edmund if u see this tell me if im in the right spot pls!!!!

I LOVE IT but im finding the difficulty on making Gordon Freeman from half life

cool game but i h8 pokemon
cos all teh fighting :(

- Master chief Helmet
- Master chief suit
- Black skin colour

- Mario Hat and hair
- Mario overalls
- 'Small' white gloves
- small brown shoes
- Average skin colour

Solid Snake:
- Snakes hair (with black bandana)
- Goatee with 5'oclock shadow
- Snakes gear (gray and black
- Average skin colour

- Red pointy shoes
- Blue spiky hair
- Average skin colour circle patch thingy
- Animals skin mouth with little black nose
- Blue skin

- Green pointy hat w/ blonde hair
- Green tunic/gear
- Master sword (goes on the right hand across his chest)
- average skin colour

Donkey Kong:
- Ears and curly-ish pointy hair
- Hairy body with missing torso
- Red tie
- Average skin colour

Mega Man:
- Glassy looking head pieces
- curved face opening (kinda like a mask where the eyes go)
- Blue underwear (on the outside)
- Blue bottle like thing (goes on right arm)
- small blue triangles (shoes)
- Blue skin

- White Skin
- Small skin piece (head section - goes on the left of the top of head)
- eyes with bushy eyebrows
- circles (skin colour - go on hands)
- average skin coloured feet things
- Blue shirt with belt

Lara Croft (tomb raider):
- Braided hair
- Greenish top with boobies
- Short shorts with holstered guns
- Brown shoes with white bits
- Average skin colour

- Pointy yellow ears
- Little red dots with a black dot in the middle (hard to find in the head section - the nose)
- yellow tail in body section
- Yellow skin

- Big green cylinder like shapes in the head section
- Square face part
- Red orb with yellow cone in Misc (goes on top of head)
- Green skirt with purple pants
- Green skin

Viewtiful joe:
- Face part with a 'V' for horns
- Pink cloth (place at shoulders)
- White triangle with belt
- Small white pointy shoes\
- big circular white gloves
- Red skin

Simon Belmont:
- Blonde wavy hair with headband
- Leather-like armour (full body)
- brown Studded shoes
- Flail
- Average skin colour

Gordon Freeman:
- Black glasses
- Goatee
- Short brown hair
- Gordons suit (grey and yellow)
- Crowbar
- Average skin colour

- Black pointy goatee
- Red See-through markings (go over eyes)
- Loin cloth
- brown gloves
- brown sandals (with a hole)
- White skin

- Large brown Spiky hair
- Three spiky hair bits (head section - goes on arms and chest)
- Brown shorts (fluffy parts)
- Dark grey shackles (for feet)
- Green skin

- Mohawk and beard
- Scars and Chest hair
- disturbing Red underwear and shoes
- Average skin colour

- Large flat topped blonde hair
- Green army shorts
- green tank top
- American flag (upper right arm)
- Dog tags
- Average skin colour

CONGRATS!!! thats all the story ones, now for the Extras...

- Yellow eyes and fangs
- Black skin

Alien Hominid:
- Antennae
- Jagged lines (mouth)
- green remote (goes on right hand - tricky to place)
- yellow skin

There you go guys, hope this helps

Poor Issac, locks himself inside a chest, dies, and becomes a mannequin for you to dress up.

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4.12 / 5.00

Apr 19, 2008
2:30 PM EDT