Reviews for "DeadBaby VG Dressup"

It's OK

You say that the clutter was intentional and I do see the point you're making. However, it's also very frustrating when playing the timed mode and not being able to find Gordon Freeman's glasses because they've been shoved out to the side of the boundary. You might need to work on that little flaw.

RiftMaster responds:

the items are still there. you can still grab them.


please reply by sending message, I cant find all of mario, i get color, head, feet and body. What im i missing.

RiftMaster responds:

check out the guide on www.diverge.ws (click HELP in-game)


Kept me entertained for a while lol

Gotta love the dead babies:D

the sonic was difficult


Good Job

This was well done
and even better after the fixes
Thank you for making this game.

And yes I got all of them even the indies.

RiftMaster responds: