Reviews for "DeadBaby VG Dressup"

Another great dead Baby Dressup

Well this is yet another in the great line of dress up games featuring dead babies. There are loads of different video game characters to find, from the obvious to the much more obscure. It's fun trying out different combinations foer the hell of it too, not going out your way to try and find all the characters right away.

My main gripe is apparently what you call a feature. The giant mass of clothes and heads to use creates a giant pile of mess, that is quite annoying to try and find certain parts. This "challenge" is not in the slightest part enjoyable, and makes it more annoying, and makes me less likely to carry on playing.

Still, this is another of the rare Dressup games that are actually fun to play, and provide a wide variety of outfits for the model.

wtf where is sonics gloves?



It's interesting to say the least.....


I got that alien but who is gish these guys talkin bout?

ending character

LOL i got alien Hominid