Best Friends Forever(Old)

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Thanks Tom, front page is pretty sweet :/

Obviously people were offended by me telling them they are idiots for not reading clearly labeled levels that told you exactly what to do, so I am sorry that you unfairly reviewed my game just to get help.

There is no menu bug it was a border, just to make it more colorful

Lots of people couldn't beat level 11 so it has been removed from the game, you will have to restart your games, but this way people can beat the game.

This game is not a rip off of any other game, this game has been in the process for over a month which is longer than the EXP had been working on his game Scorechanites which is similar in some ways but he nor us knew anyone else was working on the idea at this point, so please do not make comments about us ripping anyone off, we do not mean to say that the EXP stole our idea, we both came up with the same idea somehow.

This game has been in the makings for over a month now, and is finally complete this is the biggest project we have done together so please, enjoy the game and try to beat it. We are entirely glad to hear your honest thoughts about our new game, for the first few days I (Decade) will be responding to most of the reviews.

This game was created to be a puzzler so please, ask for help in your reviews and we will be happy to give our assistance. Oh and most importantly, have fun!

Another edit-10 more levels

Animated by Decade
Coded By Skiek Sprite



nice artwork, and great concept, but too slow, and very easy once you get the hang of it, maybe some faster, and more challenging levels. maybe a timer, or someting dangerous that moves around by itself?
nice game.

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Pretty good game... it's a good puzzle style... but a little on the easy side. The only problem is I found a glitch in level 11 where not all the buttons activate the elevator.

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Perry responds:

Level was deleted

Good Game

Taking a break from level 18 to review, get a fresh approach at it. The game is in many way similar to "Lost Vikings", "Humans", "Lemmings", etc. Its a great genre and I think this game is a credit to it. I wouldn't worry to much about reviewers calling it a rip-off of anything. Making a game doesn't mean inventing a new genre, just making an enjoyable way to interact and spend a few minutes of your day and I think this game does that very well.

My only question though is with the control scheme. Left walks left, Right walks right, Down crouches, why wouldn't Up jump? It still functions wonderfully and stays consistent, just an odd choice.


-Difficult puzzles, makes the player think
-Functional graphics
-Tried and true interface


-A bit on the slow side


Could be better

Its was a great concept, but the controls were very awkward and the characters were slow moving. The bug on level 18 was a kick in the face, because i really wanted to beat this game, fix these, and you have a 10 star game , but for now 7/10.

After level 16, I just stopped.

This game is soooo hooked that I just didn't want to stop playing it. But after a certain hard level, I just gave up.

Nice Job, almost good. 3/5

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2008
8:46 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle