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Reviews for "Best Friends Forever(Old)"

Good, but level 18?

Yeah I really liked it.
But level 18 was just too hard.
I couldn't figure out what to do with the guy who got stuck at the bottom - someone mentioned having to do the jump between the gap just right, but that's just sad because the game is cool as it's about using your brain, not how good you can jump between gaps.
Apart from that, the game was a lot of fun.

great game

i liked it, i decided to chek this out to see where the 2nd one came from, but lv. 18 is simply impossible becuase of the gap between some stuff. it would help alot also if one of the switches actuallly did something...lol the one on the platform to the very left.

I am SO diggin the music!



love it man just love, funny characters


It's a really great game.
I was rolling through it, having quite a good time.
Then I got to level 18... And I was stumped. I just can't seem to solve it.
There's one switch that doesn't do anything... Is that the culprit, or am I just missing something?