Reviews for "Best Friends Forever(Old)"


great job, it's fun and easy to use.
Looks like a lot of time and effort was put in great job.

Perry responds:

Thanks, some people couldnt figure out how to play because they didnt finish reading the instructions before jumping into the game.

A lot of fun.

I had a lot of fun playing this game; it was a great concept. However, some of the levels do tend to become somewhat repetitive after awhile, so maybe a bit more variety would've made it better. But still, I gave it a 5/5.

um yeah ur games bugged

yeah lvl 18 check it out 1 of the buttons doesnt work and i cant get the 3rd man to the door


its great, even though I'm stuck on level 18. the first 17 were challenging enough to keep me into it without scaring me off, same for 18. either that or I'm just too stubborn either way. no real complaints here (i would complain about the one track, but i have plenty of music and you did leave the option to toggle music). who do i have to ask or pm for 18's solution, or where's the guide cause I haven't had any luck on newgrounds finding it.

Nice Work

This is a pretty good game, although one thing I would really suggest with this game is that you find a diffrent jump or switch button because I kept finding myself acidently pressing shift instead of z which made things a little slow. Although there wasn't really anything to worry about time wise which was good to see in this game, some have timers and I find that annoying.

The graphics here where pretty good and the music was decent too, I don't remember there being any sound effects when I was playing this though, I would suggest having those in for fun. The graphics here are decent and look good to me, the animation of everything is also pretty nice, so overall, very good work on this game.



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