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Reviews for "Best Friends Forever(Old)"


Animation/Graphics - The graphics weren't all that great. Standard quality.

Story - Interesting story line. Could've added more scenes. The title made me think that if would have been longer.

Audio - On/Off button needed. The audio got quite annoying after a while. If not an On/Off button, maybe a volume thing.

Overall - Good game. More scenes/levels are needed.

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It's a nice game. It reminded me a lot of "Lost Vikings", where you too have to switch through the characters to activate buttons, etc. .

The graphics are pretty simple, but this is not the kind of game that needs high quality graphics. It also would work with stick figures, even though they wouldn't look half as funny as the three workmen here. ;)

The music was nice, too. But it got very annoying after some time. So a button to turn it off would be very good to have.

The level design was very good and seems to be very well planned by you. Good work!

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Nice little game

Quite a simple little puzzle platformer, where you have to think about the spacial awareness of three characters all at the same time, which is great. Have you considered changing the looks of the characters and giving each one some sort of special abilities - perhaps they all have a special skill with a certain tool, for example and you can only open certain things using spanners, hammers or saws. This makes it more challenging and adds a degree of realism to the game which you haven't covered yet.

That and the fact that no two workmen ever dress the same :P

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A pretty fun game here. Lemmings was the absolute first thing that came to mind. :P
The artwork was all very well done. The characters were drawn very well and the backgrounds were all very interesting, which gave this a much more professional feel. The animation was also very smooth which made the game easy to play.
The choice of music was good. The song was quite interesting and upbeat, which really matched the game quite nicely, I thought.
Overall an interesting puzzle game. Certainly award-worthy, congrats on that. Keep up the good work!

Review Request Club~

Good but repetitive

This a good game using three people instead of one the, buddies system is cool and fun.

Graphics.7/10 I did think this looked good the menu ,and little buddies are good. Although there are tiny and indentical ,so it make it hard to know ,which is which. The look is much the same throughout, the levels so the scenery is very similiar.

Sound. 6/10 The music is good at first the use of it is fun, to begin with. Choosing the budddies is good. The failure botton is very annoying after a while, it repeats itself. The same goes for the music it does not change, and no option to turn it off. Means you forced to hear it over and over again. Although the tune is good.
The game is very addtive once you get the hang of the controls. The use of finding ways to clear the level, is very fun. Having friends is good as you, can help each other. The solutions are quite easy at first. Its a matter of holding down buttons ,and using ladders etc. Being able to save your game automatically, is wicked. As well as not having, to begin again.

The main probelm is the controls are easy, but i found holding down shift to change chaarcter is annoying. As often i got the wrong one. They are all the same looking meaning, i often choose the same one ,and had to start again. Making them look diffrent would have helped vastely. The game got repetitve after a while as it was much the ,same. Having to keep changing over to another person, got old fast. The jump buton was confuisng ,as it was odd pressing Z. More options and diffrent goals would have helped, keep this from geing dull.

Ovreal a fun game spoiled, by repetion a shame really.

review request club.