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Reviews for "Best Friends Forever(Old)"

another lvl 18 failure.

this game is fun and addicting. i played all the way up to level 18 with ease and heres my question. how to you get pass this level. i can only get 2 friends to the door. level 18 tips and hints anyone????????!!!!!!!1111

Nice game

Good effort. Reminded me of the Lost Vikings. Some levels were a bit too easy to short-circuit, or was that intentional? (Currently stuck on level 18).

By the way, the level selector doesn't seem to accept manually entered numbers.

pretty good

had fun and great game


I didn't have much time to play this one, but I sure wish I did. Keep up the good work!
Maybe you could add a storyline, and maybe some cutscenes...


its great, even though I'm stuck on level 18. the first 17 were challenging enough to keep me into it without scaring me off, same for 18. either that or I'm just too stubborn either way. no real complaints here (i would complain about the one track, but i have plenty of music and you did leave the option to toggle music). who do i have to ask or pm for 18's solution, or where's the guide cause I haven't had any luck on newgrounds finding it.