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Reviews for "Best Friends Forever(Old)"


good game i love it i hv reach 5 lv

Simple and fun

Level 18 is a pickle of a doozie. Still trying to figure it out. If only I had a clue... *HINT*
I'm quite sure it's possible though. I mean, I'm assuming you passed it when testing it.

I loved the cute little graphics and the gameplay worked nicely. I like these kind of games, and I enjoyed this one. I'm coming back to beat level 18 though. >:(


well, nice idea and all, but it just isnt that entertaining and you should change the music, kinda reminds me of lost vikings on playstation, which was a good game. you should also add a quality toggler because some people's computers run that game quite slow, also up arrow or space would be good for jump.

Loved it

I love thinking games, and this is one that meets my standards perfectly. there is in fact strategy, but I also like the way you put in unecessary buttons to confuse you and screw you up. I only gave a nine because I got to a level that I could not get past at all, but that's a small exception and my fault. Great Job.

Fix the levels

At first I had the same problems as everyone else... the top box on 17 wouldnt hold the button. So i refreshed the game and it worked. Level 18 is screwed up too. The one button by the door, on the far left does nothing and there is no way to get more than 2 'friends' at the exit.