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Author Comments

NOTE: Lower quality if you don't have a kickass PC! (or even if you do)

Blast incoming stickmen with your laser until you can't blast no more!

This was originally just a practice piece where I was trying a few new scripts and I thought it was publish-worthy in the end =D

Thanks to the great feedback there will now be OmgLasersPewPew2 including more enemies, different levels, turret upgrades and more!

www.omglaserspewpew.com is now open, go there for more of my stuff!

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Yes, yes,yes

This game is cool!. Definatly make OmgLasersPewPew2. Its a must!

Great title.... great concept... [707]

Execution... needs more.... something. I mean... come on, lasers going pewpew is.... crack for us flash gameplayers. You had us with that. You had us... BIGTIME. #;-}>

First of all... it'd be nice if when you disabled most of the right-click menu features, if you'd at least left the quality options there. Yes, you put a quality toggle in the game, but when I tried to use it once the gameplay had begun.... even though the quality reduced, the game lagged up, and when I clicked there was still the "pewpew" sounds... but no lasers visually... and indeed, the enemies got to my laser, despite the fact that had the "pewpew" really meant lasershootingness... they'd have been dead. Not to mention that quality toggles NEVER work as well as being able to see which quality you're selecting in a right click menu. That's my #1 beef with flash game makerers... when they take away our rightclick quality options. ;_;

In short, lowering the quality to speed up the game mid-gameplay... ended up killing me and lagging everything to hell. That makes zero sense, man.

And before you ask, no, while not super-fast, the gameplay hadn't been lagging before I tried to lower quality, my lasers had been operating normally and killing enemies (only about 10 or so... but still). Oh well. Kinda marrs what coulda been a great lasery experience. On my next playthrough, I made sure to hit the quality toggle right away... and I did manage to get it down to low and start shooting enemies before any of them reached me... successfully this time.... but when they started crowding me about 10 enemies on screen (after I'd killed 50+), this one big bubble of lag happened, and when the lag stopped, I was already dead. ;_;

Surely you could code this to not be so... laggy. Please? From your comments to others, it sounds like #2 will have a new engine. I'll have my fingers crossed, but please consider leaving the quality options in the right click menu?

mooseisloose responds:

That was quite possibly one of the best reviews I have ever had :P thanks =D

I know where you're coming from with the lag, but nobody has ever given me feedback about the right-click menu and thank you very much for that =D i will be sure to make sure quality toggles are always in my right-click menu from now on =]

what's with the lag?

This game started pretty good, but then EPIC lag kicks in on hard difficulty... I don't know why it would though, you don't even need a for() loop for this game, and if you decided to use one anyways did you remember to compensate for dead enemy's? i.e

for(a=mini; a<max; a++){

and putting

mini ++

hope that'll solve the lag problem!

mooseisloose responds:

didn't use one at all, ive had loads of people have a peek and couldn't figure out the problem :( the second one will be a whole new engine though, hopefully fixing it :)

#9, Cantalope

Brilliant. A bit like Dry-Fire, really good.

mooseisloose responds:

thanks :) that was my inspiration =p


maybe make enemy with health, and make the laser moving?
so it's not like you will be died if there is a lot of enemies, but you can avoide them by moving (don't forget use WASD, not arrow key)

mooseisloose responds:

i was thinking maybe making the laser on top of a truck so it can move but ive decided a stationary laser is cooler =p

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
9:49 PM EDT