Reviews for "OmgLasersPewPew"

That was awesome

That was just fun. The killing and gameplay were good but the only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because there was really no storyline, just plain killing.

mooseisloose responds:

people enjoy mindless violence and killing so they get it =p

thanks for the 9 =D

Pretty fun game

Simple yet fun, I like it. However, I uncovered a bug when I reached hard difficulty-The game gets so sluggish that you can barely move your laser, even with the quality on low. Please find a way to fix and I hope I helped.

mooseisloose responds:

yeah the lag is the main issue, i tried every way i could to reduce it but i really fucked up somewhere =[

There a bug...

After the first difficulty (medium), the game turns to become laggy, even in low quality. I lost because of that!

3/5 7/10

mooseisloose responds:

yeah you need a beast of a PC im afraid :(

Good game!

The title alone makes me like this game. However, that is essentially all that the game is composed of. Perhaps throw in some upgrades like an ice attack that will freeze some enemies. I love the little bloodsplatters! Overall though, nice work!

mooseisloose responds:

thanks =D yeah there will be upgrades to your turret ;) and the blood splatters are all i enjoy lol trying to coat the floor with blood =p


I think the this game can really becom somthing. add some upgrades such as a a continuos laser that you need to charge or somthing, or a rocket lancher. The dificluty up made it quite laggy though, I think you did good.

mooseisloose responds:

thanks :) yup all those features are headed for the second game! and yeah the lag sucks ass but i cannot fix it =[