Reviews for "OmgLasersPewPew"

ok pls fix make quality setting on the main menu

to much lagg to even set quality pls fix and update or do sumthing 2/10 for unbealible bad game play due to lag srry man

mooseisloose responds:

okay if you can't change the quality at the start then you must have a pc that's about 100 years old =p


May I ask you why it goes so unbearably slowly? I don't know much about actionscript or how to write games in flash, but I have played some games much more complicated than that that run quite a bit faster... other than that, decent game, but a lot like all of the others on the net.

mooseisloose responds:

i screwed up majorly somewhere and you need a kickass PC to run it properly now, i tried getting help in the forums but nobody could help =[


Just great. This is the best one of those "pointless" games ever. "Pointless" as in no story line. This game, though, needs no story line as it is just fun.

mooseisloose responds:

thanks :) the whole point was screw the storyline, spread some blood =p

really cool

i thought this game was great, my only complaint is the background music and the fact that it starts to get boring after a while, it would have been cooler with power-ups or more enemies, i apologise if you did put those extras in, i just didn't get that far because of my crappy pc lol.

mooseisloose responds:

lol turn the music off? and no i didnt add those but they are coming in the second game!

Pretty fun

Fun for a bit, but too simple and monotonous to have much replay value. If you put the features into OmgLasersPewPew2 that you say you will, it should definitely be much better.

I got up to 1337, but then the game froze. There's no reason 10 enemies should freeze the game like that, you should look into it.

mooseisloose responds:

ive been looking into it for a long time and nobody seems to be able to help me either, i am builging the second one from scratch with a whole new method to try and stop the lag though