Reviews for "OmgLasersPewPew"


Spartan laser?

mooseisloose responds:

it's just a laser lol

#9, Cantalope

Brilliant. A bit like Dry-Fire, really good.

mooseisloose responds:

thanks :) that was my inspiration =p

Yes, yes,yes

This game is cool!. Definatly make OmgLasersPewPew2. Its a must!

That was awesome

That was just fun. The killing and gameplay were good but the only reason I'm not giving it a 10 is because there was really no storyline, just plain killing.

mooseisloose responds:

people enjoy mindless violence and killing so they get it =p

thanks for the 9 =D


Just great. This is the best one of those "pointless" games ever. "Pointless" as in no story line. This game, though, needs no story line as it is just fun.

mooseisloose responds:

thanks :) the whole point was screw the storyline, spread some blood =p