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Flanders Killer Easter Ed

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Go on it


Lol, im made the first one when i was 13 :D

****Submit this into the shooting collection please****

If this game doesnt work, then dont vote till you get the new flash
If there are any glithces dont vote until i fix them
If there is anything that you do not like, pm me before you vote

Review my work Please :D
I respond to all of them

Lol, hey newgrounds, i havent really submitted anything since 2008
A few of you have been emailing in asking me to make more stuff :D
So here it is, my work...
for easter

Look out for me on the BBS
I post from the morning-to like 4:00pm
As i live in the UK

Homer the Flanders Killer Easter Edition

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This is an awsome series ive been there since the beginning thank you for making these great games

Aprime responds:

You're very welcome! Releasing one again very soon! Stay tuned!

I'd expect this from snake but not Homer xD

Aprime responds:


eh same as 3 and 4 only with the easter bunny running good though.

Aprime responds:

LOL. Thanks for the 5 stars!

Fun shooter game with homer/flanders

Haha great music and menu page at the start that kind of stuff always sets the tone for everything else, and i was glad to see you go the extra effort, so nice job, So the game was pretty fun no real gliches and or bugs, the shooting was great and the {SOUND/FX} was right on, the {VIEW-SCREEN} could have been abit larger i thought, but really other then that you have really done a good job on this game, simpsons are great and so was this delightfull game, so if any changes for improving i would suggest maybe, just make the view screen larger and that way you can add more detail aswell, anyways good job on this one.

Make the {VIEW-SCREEN} larger it will show more and allow you to show more detail and props, and such.

A fun shooter game with flanders


Aprime responds:

Hmm yeah, I guess that could work... however there is a maximise button on Newgrounds :P
If you check out version 4, you'll see a big difference in terms of graphics :P
Might make version 5, who knows haha


So many songs

The best thing about this was probably hearing all those cool Simpsons songs. Granted, I am actually not a Simpsons fan myself (though the movie was sweet!), they were great to hear. It actually seems as though you have improved in terms of graphics. The best example of this is when you show the level with Apu's store. It is also fun to go around and shoot the other Simpsons characters. I like how Maude turned into an angel as she is now dead.

In fact, that was actually because her voice actress demanded more money. I like the menu where Homer's eyes follow you the entire time. The graphics with him look quite good as well especially with how his face has a CGI feel to it. My biggest complaint is that I do not see the point of this being about Easter. At least I had a great Easter.

Aprime responds:

Hahaha, I can't remember why I bothered making an easter version.. this was made a good three years ago.
You can go check out version 4, which came out last month.
There are more levels and much better graphics
Go and review that, I enjoyed reading your viewing

Thanks for the review, dislike the 7 though... LOL


Credits & Info

4.24 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2008
4:53 PM EDT

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