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Reviews for "Flanders Killer Easter Ed"

Homer dun snapped, y0

Pretty good little game. I could see myself playing this every once in a while when I'm despirarely bored, but other than that it was nothing epic.

The character designs were pretty damn good, assuming you did them yourself. However, one thing I would have changed is the deaths - they could have been a little more varied (it was just a little uneventful seeing them die the same way every time), but other than that, no complaints in the graphics department. The backdrops on each scene were pleasant to look at, and being able to shoot certain elements in the backgrounds themselves was a pretty good addition.

Pretty good soundtrack in this one - some good Simpsons scores that brought back some memories from yeeeears ago. Props on that =D

As for the challenge, well... it wasn't exactly the most adrenaline-pumping game I've played. I think you had a pretty good concept as far as it goes - however, the execution was a little shabby. Maybe there should have been greater concequences if you accidentally shot someone you weren't supposed to? Also, maybe a health meter on the enemies would have made things a little more interesting. Maybe certain characters could take more shots than others - something like you had during the "Flanders Devil Battle" stage.

I did enjoy, though, the overall concept - traveling from scene to scene in Springfield hunting down the Flanders family was a very fine premise for this game. I'd be pretty interested in seeing a sequel or remake to / of this, seeing some improvements in the challenge factor, and maybe making it a little more interactive.

Overall, it was a pretty nice game, and you got a 9/10 and a 5/5 for the good work you put into it. A LOT better than half the other crap here on NG, and overall a nice little shooter game. Keep it up! =]

Aprime responds:


I can barely right a review back
You said it all
Nothing to argue

Apart from the fact of that deatifiying 9
Thanks :D

And here's a review lol

That "homer watching the cursor" thing was pretty cool- I had a little bit of fun making awesome faces by moving my cursor around. Only a little though. I guess I'm weird.

Well for the game anyway. Decent drawings, characters were very close to the real ones. I think it could do better than those motion tween-esque ways of moving- they just go back and forth in straight lines. Gameplay is also decent- it's fun to play, once, just to have tried it. There's not much of a replay value, and it's pretty damn easy. It works perfectly fine, exactly as it should, I couldn't find a single glitch. Audio is good, since it is related to the Simpsons and stuff after all. Sound fx fits.

My only suggestion is that you make some harder levels, so it becomes more fun. It's a cool game nevertheless

ok 10 and 5 anyway

Aprime responds:

Lool, that review cracked me up!

This is by far the best review :D

Thanks for playing, add me to favs


devil flanders! lol i loved this game. i voted 5. ;D

Aprime responds:


If u send my profile a comment, u will be on the list :D

add me to favs

awesome dude

yo its awesome

Aprime responds:


how did u manage to find this,what were u searchin?

add me to ur favs

Simple, but fun!

It was fun for the most part. got kinda boring though.

Aprime responds:

So i shouldnt add more levels?

Just more ppl

PM me/ send my profile a comment, tell me what 2 do :D

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