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Reviews for "Flanders Killer Easter Ed"


I enjoyed this one better than the last. Much improvement, but some problems are visible now. The bonus mode music mode could've had more music selections. And you could've added a different weapon besides the shotgun. It's literally still just a shooting gallery. I liked how you increased the difficulty by not shooting the other people in the scene. You could've added more shooting options on the body parts. And finally, I hated how you kept the devil flanders, but it's cool how you added a health bar and dropped medkits, good job overall

Aprime responds:

Thanks for the decent review!
I take it you are referring back to number one, since you seem to talk about there being other characters init for whom you have to avoid.

More music selections would mean a bigger file size, but I suppose that would be okay since the size is only 1.8MB...
To add a different weapon.. it would require me to make new deaths for each characters depending on which weapon you use.. but that would not be needed since they only die in one shot anyway.. really it would then just be pointless..
It is like a shooting gallery.. but people find it fun like that.. I would have them shootback.. but its the flanders we're talking about..
I originally just had headshots.. but to do that would be too limited.. I then moved on to bodies.. If I carried on adding shots for other parts of the body.. it would waste my time especially as most people never really take the time to discover what happens to each part when it is shot. Which is also why I brought in the shooting gallery.. so my time would not be fully wasted making more parts shootable.
Not sure why you hated that I still kept Devil Flanders in it.. hes a boss which many players enjoy.. and some even find it hard to beat him.. If there was no Devil Flanders.. then yes.. it would be more like a shooting gallery.. which is why I had to bring him in..

Thanks for your review.. Although with the Average score being a 9 and with your 8.. you've sucessfully managed to lower my Score.

Anyway.. Follow me on Twitter.. if you have it


Great comments assuming half of them are from your mates and your other acounts.

Aprime responds:

eh.. what..?

Its just point and click but still

More than Decent I must say

Aprime responds:


thanks for the review :P


this is a great game ive played all these now but i must know will there be a fourth flanders killer ?

Aprime responds:

I dont know :S

Im glad you are implying you want one ;)

thanks for the review


Aprime do not listen to murad136

He should have look at your userpage first, before he sent the comment

On the other hand, this game is amazingly fun to play, i only wish i had found this sooner

Make more!
Tip: I noticed you took away the black lines for the buildings, maybe do the same for the characters!

Aprime responds:

Im glad you realised :D

If i take away the lines, then they would look like simpsons characters, I could try making the lines lighter

thanks for the review :D