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Reviews for "Flanders Killer Easter Ed"

i love simpsons

this game is really funny

Aprime responds:

Haaha thanks man! XD


Great and acuret

I am a big of simpsons and I am vey greatful for the accuret jokes. TY. But it gets kinda repetiteve.

Aprime responds:

I concur!

Pretty nice

It was very enjoyable, this was the only a game that made me happy when I'm always sad. But anyway I would LOVE to submit something into the shooting collection but I don't have any programs for me to animate. I am going to get it but I'm afraid the computer will slow down like it's doing to me right now. But anyways I really love to kill Flanders; he's pretty easy to beat.

The levels were hard but really amazing; I would kill Flanders first and than the others just for no reason. And all the time, I kept on hitting the woman by the hands that was pretty funny when she was floating (Forgot what it was called...) in the air I was really laughing my butt of this; the ideas for this were truly amazing. (Excellent ideas. I once shot the mother on the head and in her head was a brain. . . lol.) But anyway, this was an excellent and an improvement animation, the bonus mode(s) were truly also amazing, I really loved every single thing on this, could you make another one?

Graphics/art: 9/10
Music: 10/10 (For the main screen.)
Comedy: 8/10 (Includes the part when the woman floats in the air.)
Awesomeness: 10/10
Game: 9/10
Rating Score: 4/5

I hope you enjoy my review, oh yeah, and have a good Christmas Eve!

Aprime responds:

Reviews like yours make my day.. Although the 9 has lowered my Average score lol.. oh well..
Just get Adobe Flash from the Adobe website.. its a trail.. that will help you animate.. Although I personally prefer Macromedia Flash 8 due to the layout.. I don't think that will slow down your computer as much either..
And yes indeed.. he is pretty easy to beat.. one click and he is dead ;) I think you mean Devil Flanders.. glad it was easy for you.. I have people complaining to me about how hard he is... I suppose he is hard if you just use one hand on the mouse..

Hard levels ahe? lol.. I thought they were pretty easy.. but I suppose they do move fast.. and it is my game... Ermm.. the Bonus level is hard to get a top score I guess.. but with practice.. you should be able to get them all converted..
Mod Flanders? Yeah.. lol turning into a ghost.. haha..
Improvement of animated.. I don't think so lol.. I didn't improve any animation.. I just added things.. haha

Ermm.. Yeah I am making another.. probably won't see it until next year cos im really lazy and have a lot of work..

She only floats in the air cos she has turned into a ghost lol..

Thanks for the review.. It's too late for me to say the same about Christmas Eve to you.. but yeah.. Merry Christmas!

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TOTALY AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great job

Aprime responds:


yet again

great game

Aprime responds:

Yet again?? You say it as if your a fan! haha

Thanks for the review!
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