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Reviews for "Flanders Killer Easter Ed"

No - Don't do it

You don't derserve this, it's a good flash, but you are mass voting too much.

I mean, your making people vote 5 and give you 10 star reviews just so their names can be written on your blog.

It is just purely unfair to other artists.


Funny, made me crack up.
I loved it because you get to kill Flanders & his family. :D
'Cause we all hate Flanders, it's the way how he's animated.. Lol.

Aprime responds:

haha, your the best!

thanks for the FUNtastic review ;)

Terry Tibbs....NOW THIS!!!!

Fucking Good Shit

Aprime responds:

lol :D

It's great!

Just like the title says, it's a great game!

The graphics are decent, but that's normal when you make a game like this..
But I really like the holes in their bodys and the blood.
The blood is really good, not too much so it get's too messy but it's still there which gives players a great gaming experience!

The sound effects are perfect, not too much, not too less.. Just.. Perfect for a game like this..
I really like it when they characters are talking before I shoot them, it makes it funny to shoot them..

I have to give you a 10/10 for the originality, shooting some Simpsons?
Never saw that before.. that's why I give this game a 10!

And the thing I really like is that the eyes of Homer are following your mouse in the preloader.. It just rocks!

So basicly this game just rocks, I couldn't stop playing it...
Those simpsons must die!

Aprime responds:

"those simpsons must die" haha

although we are killing the flanders :D

thanks for the review

add me to favs


Pure genius! Please make a sequel o' amazing aprime... 'so much fucking sarcasm implied bitches,'


Aprime responds:


Now go add me to your favourites :D