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Lolcat History (Part 2/6)

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Update: Wow, someone must love me because they switched to Part 2 on the front page (seriously thanks!! While the first two parts aren't my favorite, at least Part 2 is better than 1).
I have a preview of part 3 out if you want an idea what to expect this Friday

This is the second installment of Lolcat: An An Animated History (delivered as promised). In this installment, Orion runs into a few new characters and acquires some help for his quest for the Staff of Ether.

Personally, parts 1 and 2 are by far my least favorite in the entire 6-part animation. I really found my niche in parts 3-6 and I absolutely guarantee you won't be disappointed next weekend when I release parts 3 and 4.

Edit: Also, sorry that it's so short, but in a couple days I might submit a preview of part 3 (if you want to see one of the **really good** scenes from the 6 parts). Or maybe I'll submit it tonight. Mail me, let me know if I should ;)

Some notes about this one and the first one that made front page (woohoo by the way!):

Yes, I know they could use some more music, but I couldn't find anything that didn't make the animation worse so I left music out (plus that also dramatically reduces the file size of these animations - the entire 6-part 23 minute animation only takes up about 22 megs and that includes the credit music/etc).

The intro to part 1 was the last thing I actually animated (I noticed there was a number of people who really liked that part and then lost interest afterwards - this gives you an indication how much better I got with keeping your attention in the later segments of the animation). The original intro wasn't that spectacular so I redid it, gave it a voiceover, wrote some music, and illustrated the voiceover with some clipart and what have you.

Like I said though, I don't care much for parts 1 and 2 but they're necessary to build up the story.

Again, thanks to everyone who enjoys this project, and thanks even to the trolls for giving me a laugh while browsing the comments. :D

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I saw these when they first came out and actually helped them pass judgment, but coming back to it I realized these deserve reviews! The graphics are nice, but some parts of animation are great while some suck (like the walking animation). It's really weird how some parts are great and some aren't. The humor is great and the voice acting is spot-on... Well sort of. Sometimes it seemed like the voice actors were focusing more on their accent than making the word structure and diction sound realistic. Way funnier than the first one, though. Way to go!

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol yes. It's definitely flawed but has some sort of simple charm to it that's also pretty stupid. I must have had the worst sense of humor as a kid.

"Yeah, i know...

im headcat. douchebag." haha love it!

These just get better'n better


pretty interesting

that was good. Head Cat sounds like Meatwad from ATHF on adult swim.

An invisible bike, a floating cat head, and staffs


I'll tell you what! MORE LOLCATS!!! Anyway, this was better, and more random than the first. I mean, talking cats is one thing, but jumbling them up into THIS..is entirely different. Anyway, the animation is pretty much the same as Part 1. And of course the "artwork" is.

The humor is a little better. More randomness and cussing. For some reason I find it funny when someone cusses in this. Anyway, this is pretty much the same score as Part 1.