Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"

Way better than the first one.

Head Cat made my day. It was like Meatwad meats a lolcat and you sir deserve a medal for such a thing. Genius I say, Genius!

jiggitysmith responds:

Thanks :) Speaking of medals, I've only gotten one award and that was for the preview of part 3 (weird huh?)


I have to buy an invisible bike...yes...I need it...

Great Series!!! =]

What breed of cat is Happeh Kat? =]

jiggitysmith responds:

I believe he is a British short hair, but I don't know for certain.

Itz meatwad!

Great flash its so funny. But am i right in thinking that headcat is meant to be a parody of Meatwad off Aqua teen hunger force?

jiggitysmith responds:

For the most part, yes. But the character isn't exactly the same (like Headcat isn't childlike or have a plastic brain with glitter and sparkles, for instance).

almost a ten

i dont know maybe its just me buti found it a little slow paced. Not random enough for my liking. But hey what do i know i have never maded one of these!