Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"


i cant believe animation as crappy as this is getting such good ratings i gave it 3/5 myself its funny bc it looks like crap and has references to lolcats rawr good work on your shit animation keep it up.

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol if you think it's shitty you're not looking at it hard enough (either that or I did it so well you aren't able to notice it). I'd go more into it but basically, what do you expect with dialogue? This isn't a violent series.

Although if you want to see some good animation, check out the preview for part 3.

Second one.

Yep, It was short, but I think it develops the plot in some manner. Like to see the next ones as they come out.

I see...

You got headcat from Aqua Teen.


better than the first, can't wait for no.3!!!


its so corny, but with good animation and classical jokes! i cant wait for #3!!!