Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"

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=D 20/10 !!!

Way funnier than the first!

And still, the 3D models are cool.

Toadies kick ass!!

*LMFAO* I like how Head Kat sounded like Meatwad offa Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Very Nice!

Nice lol making him Sing "Possum Kingdom" by They Toadies.

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol sweet. Someone recognized it finally!

Headcat=lol x 5

Hilarious, to say the least. Headcat sounded like meatwad from ATHF. Plus, the way they speak is funny. And "Teh Majikk bukkit tat lows him 2 kno evrrythin"? Funny, very funny. I hereby rate this.... 10/10!