Reviews for "Lolcat History (Part 2/6)"

Lolcat was out

When lol thief came knockin.
Abruptly amazing.
Seriously, keep it up, I can't wait for the 3rd part

Not as good.

I can't resist the lolcat humor, the joke about the lolwrus or whatever its called; knowing everything with its bucket was pretty funny for its randomness, sorta reminds me of family guy humor (not sure if the lolwrus is something I dont have background knowledge on). Its just that I thought it ended too soon, just a bit of a let down compared to the first one.

Also want to add that I think its good that you cut out pictures, I know everyone thinks its slack effort, but your getting real images becuase the cartoon is based on real internet pictures, not cartoons, so adding cartoons would make it look odd. Especially [if] you cut it out the long way (use the line tool to iscolate the part of the picture you dont want, then delete that piece, insted of using the crop tool for the quick way).

Anyway I'm definatly looking forward to seeing the sequal on the front page seeing as the preview got such good ratings. Good luck with it :P

jiggitysmith responds:

There are a few tricks that make cutting it easier to do (and undo is a God-send), but no matter how you do it, it still takes a long time (especially when having to make movable bodies from imperfect images that need fixing).

As far as the Lolrus, do a search on Google for "stealing my bucket" (doesn't matter if it's in quotes or not) and the first hit should be correct.

Watch with subtitles!

It's very funny but you should make the subtitles manditory for anyone watching, i think they are what gives this series (at least so far) it's charm. Eager to see the third one.


sorry mate, don't want to sound too critical but I've watched the first three now and its just kind of dull to me. Visuals are kind of lacking and the sound is pretty much monotone throughout the entire thing. Also the humor just seemed kind of lacking. I did chuckle at the ceiling cat joke though.
You've shown alot of effort in creating and writing this, guess its just not my style. Grats on front page and don't worry about taking criticism too seriously. You made front page you must be doing something right.

jiggitysmith responds:

It's cool. The Lolcats aren't for everyone (I'd be a fool to think otherwise).

If I wanted to cater to the Newgrounds audience, I'd have to somehow combine Madness, Halo 2, Mario, Dragonball Z, Sonic, Darth Vader, Portal, Team Fortress, Mortal Kombat, River City Ransom, draw 100% of it in Anime, and then hire the script writers from every Vince Vaughn movie to write my script....phew...in order to make everyone happy.

wow, that wasn't too great

I got bored almost instantly, I'm sorry. didn't make me laugh, and the voices were not good at all. Animation wasn't too great, mostly tweens that didn't look to great. All the visuals were just pre done images, so that didn't show off too much. I just didn't really like it.

jiggitysmith responds:

Lol you do realize that I spent wayyy longer on chopping up those photos than I would have spent drawing them.

But anyway, as is evident of the seemingly-endless list of mixed reviews: The Lolcats aren't for everyone.