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NOTE: I took this down, and am putting it back up because of the horrible glitchyness of the original

How this all started, was I told my friend he should try some flash drawings, to get some practice in. When he did, I laughed so hard. It was hilarious. Mostly because of it's poor quality.

Then I asked him to make me another one for a laugh. Next thing we knew, he was drawing, and I was makign fun of them. So if you have any friends that you think suck at drawing, show them this video, they should appreciate it.

And thanks to Pelemus-McSoy for the awsome music.

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~!Good Points!~
- Funny, exciting.
- The graphics were great, in my opinion.
- I loved the music, I didn't like it at first, but then it got to me! ;}

- A little bit slow.
- To bright! (Joke).

##Reveiw Request Club##

Noodle responds:

Thanks for the review.
It could be a bit slow, but i didn't want anyone complaining that they didn't have time to read some things.

And i think i missed the "To bright" joke.
I'll assume your talking about my vast intelligence, wit, and other Godly qualities I possess.


Pretty funny all round movie, great refreshing concept too, never seen it before.

Well the graphics were pretty good, the drawings themselves weren't but that's the whole point I suppose. I really liked the names of the things when ya clicked on them, very well done.

The song was pretty good too, didn't get annoying, well for me anyway.

Overall a very funny and I would like to see this maybe being elaborated on or made into a series or something, really good :D

=Review Request Club=

Noodle responds:

Wow, I just checked to see if anything had any new reviews, pretty much exactly a minute after you left this. What a coincidence!!

A sequel was considered, but don't expect one for a long time.

Thanks for the review


The menu was decent to start with and then the selections too, so that was good and the text introducing to each part was well drawn too. The comments on the art where all pretty funny. Although it actually took a few before it started to become funny, though it was funny, at first it wasn't though. Eitherway, I get that the drawings are bad, but it's the comments that make this funny, not the drawings.

The audio is good, works quite well with everything, though some sound effects would have been good, animal noises or something related. Maybe even some poor voice acting for fun, lol. Eitherway, it was certainly better and funnier than I thought it would be, been a while since I've seen a silly flash that's made me laugh.



= Review Request Club =

Noodle responds:

I actually has a few sound effects. Like when the cow came up it mooed. And when the chicken came up it clucked (or w/e you would call a chicken noise)
But, my problem with that was that something like a rabbit doesn't really have a sound effect. I had trouble trying to find something for eveything.

I would have voiced over my comments, but believe me, my voice isn't exciting enough to have to listen to for all the comments made. I feel it would have taken away from the movie.

Thanks for the review, glad I could make you smile :D


I don't know wheter I like this flash or not. First of all, the drawings were bad (duh), but some of your comments and additions made me smile... so, I think I like this flash, but it's nothing I could watch all day long ^^.

The music you chose was quite nice, but a button to turn the music off would have been even nicer, as even the best melody gets annoying after some time.

I really liked the fading of the buttons when I clicked on one, that showed that you indeed can pull off a better job at drawing than you friend.
I also liked the "title screens" before a picture was shown (for example the word "COW" in a very cowish style, with a black and white "skin").

{ Revuew Request Club }

Noodle responds:

There were only so many pictures because, like you said, you can only see the same basic thing so many times. There were actually other pictures. About 5 or 6, but there wasn't as much to be said about them that wouldn't be stale and boring.

I never considered a music on/off switch. Good idea.

I did those titles to atleast show that I have some level of drawing. That way i'm not just critisizing without showing I can do atleast a little better.

On a side note you spelt Review wrong, but i'll over look it ;)

Thanks for the review

Nice criticism. :p

- Good stuff -
The loading bar was fun and it reminded me of The Immposible Quiz 2. Really nice choice music and I liked it alot. It's basicly like an interactive review, telling your friend what's bad 'n stuff. Another good thing about the audio is that you kept it fluent all the way through. I also like d the melting away of the buttons and the introduction of the drawing.

- Bad stuff and improvments -
What you could of done when you changed to other sections o0f the flash you could of faded it away and brung it back to have a much more improved effect. If you drew some stuff yourself it would of been better because you could easily get targeted humour.

= Review Request Club =

Noodle responds:

Fading back into the buttons, or brining them back in some way would have been nice i suppose. Just so the two transitions were similar. Good point.

And the original idea was for him to draw something, then i would make a vauge re-drawing of his picture, but make it to the best of my abilities. But it was hard to think of how to make that a movie.
But when he sent the first picture (the cow) it was so funny, i made so much fun of it, and it evolved into the idea of criticizing his work instead.