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Reviews for "TheMostBeautifulDrawings"


Practise is the key. Tell your friend that. Do you use a tablet, or a mouse to draw them?

Aside from that, I'm not sure about the tactics for this flash - the drawing quality is poor (obviously) and you have shown that you've got more talent than this (not difficult), by drawing the outlines. I'd try and get something proper together, just to prove that you can really get the job done.

I was so dumb struck, I couldn't even bring myself to watch the remainder of the flash itself - I watched the Cow and Rabbit, but reasoned that they wouldn't get any better.

[Review Request Club]

Noodle responds:

I don't think he aspires to be any sort of artist. He just draws when he has to.
But everything I do is with a mouse. I don't own a tablet.

Indeed the quality of the flash wasn't the greatest. This was a side project that didn't take very long, and I really enjoyed making it.
We talked about making a sequel, and spending more time on it. But it sounds like he'd rather not have to draw any more than necessary. And I myself would rather work on a few solo things for awhile.

Thanks for the review


A pretty comical animation this is! I liked the colorshifting preloader, though it would have been even better if the transitions faded into each other instead of just changing abruptly. About the movie itself, it was good. A nice choice of audio, smooth animation and a creative plot as well. All good. Keep it up!


That was hilarious!

Wow! lmfao, that was wonderful.
The art was just fantastic, but of course, it wouldn't have been so if you weren't "spicing it up".

It was great, and that's enough said.
Good job.

Noodle responds:

Haha, glad you appreciate the sophisticated level of humour.
Well... not that sophisticated ;)

Thanks for the review


Pretty funny flash, I know what it's like to see your friends try and draw in flash for the first time, it can be pretty damn funny. The music was an excellent choice and fitted perfectly with the flash. I thought the menu was nice, I liked the collapsing letters. I also liked how you pointed out how bad they were.

The drawings were bad....

is that a bad thing?

Well done and funny flash

~Review Request Club~

Noodle responds:

It was indeed funny seeing him draw his flash stuff.
His real drawings are even worse somehow.
But, I thought I'd better get him to do them in flash, just so it didn't look horribly out of place.

I'm not sure if the drawings being bad could be considered a bad thing, seeing as how they were mean't to be bad. Haha.

And you can thanks my NGs buddy Pelemus-McSoy for the sweet music :D


That was incredibly amusing. The drawings were so bad. You did a good job making fun of them.
Your art and animation was good. Kind of teacher-like, pointing out grammar and missing legs in red. Very funny, very enjoyable. Makes for a good laugh.

-Review Request Club-

Noodle responds:

Glad you liked it. Glad to to see you also understand its all in good fun.
Some people think I was just being a dick, or that a made up captain-insano1