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Reviews for "TheMostBeautifulDrawings"


everything seems to be working fine now

i still laugh at that cow XD

Noodle responds:

haha. cow was the original that started the whole idea for this movie. making him one of my favorites too


Liked it aaaalot!
Great! Funny and awesome!
Added to favorites..

Noodle responds:

thanks, glad you liked it.

also, thanks for the favorites!


Humorous comments you wrote about his drawings, they all sucked.
Chicken was the worst lol.

I'm kinda thinking that you guys drew the drawings sucky on purpose....

Noodle responds:

the chicken was indeed the worst.

but the truth is, there was effort in his drawings. i even watched him make a few of them. it was like watching a baby try to lift a 100 lb weight.

That aint no chicken, it's some sort of hybrid....

LOL! loved it so much i just typed in lol in capitals *god save my soul*

Particularly liked the robot lol

and the gourilla man titties

loved the commentry

and the titles that ame up looked cool

excellent music


Noodle responds:

you took this submission exactly how you were supposed to.

and you liked the same parts i did. i'm also glad somebody liked my little titles.

the music is from a portal buddy of mine, Pelemus-McSoy

30-seconds drawing..

sorry but this was crap. the music was annoying and the drawings looked like they were made in 30 seconds (or less). Don't know what u want to tell us with that.
the only points are for the cynicism in it

Noodle responds:

the drawing suck because my friend can't draw. so i think you missed the entire point of this movie.