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Reviews for "TheMostBeautifulDrawings"

so freakin hilarious

man i couldnt stop laughing, the robot wasnt funny btw i think youll get underdog of the week or review crew pick

Noodle responds:

that would have been pretty sweet. but the reviews wern't al good. also, there isn't much hope for review crew when WaterLollies came out this week. it got like 10/10 after like 300 reviews. (that movie was amzing btw)

thanks for the words of encouragement

why is this so entertaining?

where did you get these pics? You surprised me on this one. Much better than I thought it would be

Noodle responds:

the pictures were all made especially for this by Captain-Insano1. he's a real life friends of mine. and i make fun of his drawings. then i thought.... i could make that a movie somehow!


I love making fun of people who suck.
You did spell "too" wrong at one point.
Sorry, I AM the grammar fairy.

Noodle responds:

Thank you grammar fairy. But where? In the movie? Author comments?

EDIT: Good catch. I just watched it again and saw it at the end of the Gorilla one. It says "To happy"

Nice work

lol Tiger emits homosexuality thats hilarious XD

Noodle responds:

i like that one too. haha. i was thinking of something funny to say about the tiger. and i asked my brother. and as a joke he said "call it gay." so thats what i did!

a movie about berating bad drawings?

I love the idea for this movie, and the titles added a nice touch to it

after you see your first couple of ones, you start to LOL when you see the next drawing, eagerly anticipating what awful things will be said about it

it was very funny, and very enjoyable

nice job

Noodle responds:

thanks. glad you enjoyed it. glad you liked my titles too.

also, from your review it sounds almost like you think me and Captain-Insano are the same person. which could make sense, but we are actually two different people.
just encase there was any confusion, thought i would clear any misconseptions.