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Reviews for "TheMostBeautifulDrawings"


everything seems to be working fine now

i still laugh at that cow XD

Noodle responds:

haha. cow was the original that started the whole idea for this movie. making him one of my favorites too


That was incredibly amusing. The drawings were so bad. You did a good job making fun of them.
Your art and animation was good. Kind of teacher-like, pointing out grammar and missing legs in red. Very funny, very enjoyable. Makes for a good laugh.

-Review Request Club-

Noodle responds:

Glad you liked it. Glad to to see you also understand its all in good fun.
Some people think I was just being a dick, or that a made up captain-insano1

That was hilarious!

Wow! lmfao, that was wonderful.
The art was just fantastic, but of course, it wouldn't have been so if you weren't "spicing it up".

It was great, and that's enough said.
Good job.

Noodle responds:

Haha, glad you appreciate the sophisticated level of humour.
Well... not that sophisticated ;)

Thanks for the review

That aint no chicken, it's some sort of hybrid....

LOL! loved it so much i just typed in lol in capitals *god save my soul*

Particularly liked the robot lol

and the gourilla man titties

loved the commentry

and the titles that ame up looked cool

excellent music


Noodle responds:

you took this submission exactly how you were supposed to.

and you liked the same parts i did. i'm also glad somebody liked my little titles.

the music is from a portal buddy of mine, Pelemus-McSoy


Pretty funny all round movie, great refreshing concept too, never seen it before.

Well the graphics were pretty good, the drawings themselves weren't but that's the whole point I suppose. I really liked the names of the things when ya clicked on them, very well done.

The song was pretty good too, didn't get annoying, well for me anyway.

Overall a very funny and I would like to see this maybe being elaborated on or made into a series or something, really good :D

=Review Request Club=

Noodle responds:

Wow, I just checked to see if anything had any new reviews, pretty much exactly a minute after you left this. What a coincidence!!

A sequel was considered, but don't expect one for a long time.

Thanks for the review