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Mass Attack

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Balance the scales using your incredible weight-growing abilities. Strangely addicting!

If you make it past Level 7, you can submit your name to the hall of fame for eternal glory. It's harder than it looks.

Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Wow, frontpage and daily 2nd! Thanks NG!

EDIT: Thanks for everyone who pointed out the bug, it's fixed now!

EDIT: Monthly 10th! Thanks!

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Hahaha, I glitched it lvl6. When I knew I didn't get it balanced, I did a quick click (a lot) to vent and saw there's a teeny little gap once it starts weighing. 90% it will readjust (even though I don't have any more weights stocked) and give me the readjustment as the final score. But, haha, I just kept doin it for fun, but every now and then when I get balanced with 0 difference it'll do the sound and the weighing screen clears but it just sits there.

nice tune!!!

Love the music...!! Got a bit bored quickly though...just not my game..!!

dat audio

it's superb! where can i get it?
also, geat game, challenging, and a fun time-waster!

Simple and agravating

Fun game, really basic concept. But put in a way to make it addicting. The Music is awesome, I love it definatly kept me playing! Flying through the game until I reached Level 7, that is WAY too hard. No matter what I always mess up, it's jsut asking for too much. If I could get a reward for hitting it spot on, or getting a checkpoint for getting a certian amount of perfects in a row, that would make level 7 more bareable. Decent game overall, the music is really good. Level 7 though, needs a checkpoint half way.

Great game, needs check point of some sort.

basically what the other guys said, rephrased. but really, it was pretty alright, i had no other problems with it.

also, song: http://ww w.youtube.c om/watch?v=pxBxhilbTU4
from 1.5 mins of research.

Credits & Info

4.30 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2007
7:09 PM EDT