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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

pretty good

way too easy but very fun


Love this game!

Also to TooDAMNMuch, if you perfectly balance it with less balls than you are given it ends the level and you win it... so yeah don't downrate it for something that isn't true.


i really enjoyed this game, it was fun and had actual good music that fit the mood of the game.
easy but also challenging.

Solid game

I played this before, but finally found it again. My one complaint would be that the music is a bit too repetative and well plain. If you changed the tracks per level it might liven the game up.

not bad, but....

cool idea, but poor execution, supposedly the idea is to balance the scales, yet if you're first ball is exactly the right weight to balance it, it's ignored?

how do two weights of the same amount weigh something different than equal, just because i used one instead of all 3?

they don't.

4 of 10, cause it was fun but had a poor execution.