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Reviews for "Mass Attack"


it was fun but hard not too hard though

damn u

i was like this is esy then they started taking balls away. lol. i got to level 6 and it was getting annoying had to stop playing or i wouldnt of been able to go to work tomoro lol. great game


Its a good game but after i figured out how to glitch it and always win within 1 or 0 it was far to easy , and as such i shall tell everyone of it , when the weights are dropping you can start making your own weight and if you catch em in the air as they are falling they stop , and you can move your weight around to push them off the side and as such you always win basicly , pls fix this , but other then that its an awesome game

Intresting Game

The idea of the game is pretty understandable and I like this game alot.
It's not very hard, but it keeps me entertain.



awesome game!!!! really freakin addicting!!!
i sat here for a good half hour maybe longer before i beat the game!!!
woot! woot!!!!! sorry just really excited i got 5th place on the
hall of fame!!!!
sweet game!!!!!