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Reviews for "Mass Attack"

that wasnt that hard but i loved it

it was a little tricky.personally i think there should only be the three first levels.this is because it can get a little boring after a while.but before that time its really fun.awsome choice of music!

Really tough.

Well-made, simple, seriously addictive.

How is something so simple so addictive?

Interesting how balancing black balls can be so addictive.
Just enough visual animation to charm the eyes, this simplistic game is great.

One catch though: on level 7 (1 ball 2 units!) the game froze on the last stage after I somehow spawned a ball after I got a failure mark. I am NOT happy about that.

Still.. I know I'll be playing the sequel.


that was great! i got up to level 3 4/4. pretty hard by then.
10/10 5/5


I'm not sure how long i was playing, but i never got past level three!!! I realized something though: if you hold down your mouse to make aq weight and don't let go until it's as big as it can possibly get, you end up with a balence of like 290 something! lol. Keep up the good work!!!