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Tomas et la Fraise

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Happy Clock Day my tiny children.

P.S. I don't speak enough French to understand all of these reviews so you might as well post in English, you guys! Or you could post in Thai or Russian.

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I suspected the title was in French. I obviously didn't know what it meant. Looks like you didn't either! Why do you have those French words at the end, than? Anyway, it translates to "Tomas and Strawberry". That makes sense.

Dude, you got the Daily Feature for Clock Day later too! You're the most decorated Clock Day uh, guy here! This was so beautiful. It's great to know that something as goofy as clocks can inspire such great artwork. It really is worth it.

This is beautiful. Without the music, it wouldn't have been as much, but that's just a great choice. It's one that really signifies something to me. I imagine how this would have seemed completely random and entertaining with something different, like the Tricky techno, but in this SBC really appears the savior. He appears from nowhere, rescues the boy from the evil monsters, they spend time together, and then he leaves. The clock refrence is nice, and the end is touching. With all the randomness, how did it manage that? It's quite a feat, great work!!

I do wonder what that French text says btw..


The song

The song was from from the movie oldboy which caught my heart. Good job man.

Why, how very tri-lingual of you...

Some kind of translation is in order...

First Line:
Cette fonte est bonne- This fount (or font, context and interpretation makes it a bit difficult in this case) is good/beautiful.

Verbal Line: Korean for "I love you... *Ah-juh-ssi..."
*Ah-juh-ssi is a politeful honorific towards middle-aged men. In this context, it can be almost affectionate.

Ending Line 1:
Vous ne pouvez pas tuer Horloge-Frais- You can not kill Strawberry Clock.

Ending Line 2:
Encore une fois?- Again, once more?

I can't grasp the symbolism behind it because I'm severely inebriated, but I enjoyed seeing the languages I love being put to use simultaneously.



i dont understand french (is it?) but from what i understand it seems that for something good to happen you need to sacrifice something.
for this story the boy sacrifice his friendship for tree to grow and shed the world.
this is my opinion and good job to the author.