Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

Et un film en fran├žais dans le texte!

But with a few mistakes in the writings (for example, this is "Horloge" and not "Horlage"). But, in fact, this is not important, even for a french like me :). Good animation, funny events... Very good movie, great job :D!

Munglai responds:

I'm glad you see it my way. The French is just there for atmospherical reasons!

Nice movie

Great movie. And plz keep up the good work

A brilliant masterpiece

Spellbinding story with a truly amazing design and amazing animations, truly a masterpiece beyond compare for Clock Day


The atmosphere of the animation was great... very calm. I like the music.

Ochen horosho!

eto ochen interezna feelm, da... ya ne ochen panemayoo pochemoo eto v FRENCH, no...
cvo v cvo, eto horosho!

lol thats russian for, interesting, verry good, but ys it in french?