Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"


I think this flash means more to people that cnow newgrounds for a lonnnnger time.

Munglai responds:

yes, and also people who like long winded metaphors

Been meaning to review this... [699.2]

... since freakin' Clock Day 2007!

Seriously, I made a shortcut to about 20 flashes that day and I ended up reviewing only around 15 of them in August 2007. I never got around to reviewing the others... but I'm starting now!

Anyway, this one caught my eye because it was a nice relief from the usual ClockDay flashes that day, while still having a STRAWBERRY in it (har har haw haw). Great little musical piece for a flash movie, wonderful wonderful use of colour.... and I really like the "framing" choices... from really effective zooms to nice far shots.... and camera motion, even. You use flash like a director of photography uses the film camera, and that is a... Good Thing (tm).

The purple tree's limbs and huge-ass trunk kinda scareth me, though. Both before AND after it is be-leaf'eded.

Well done!


It's like "o yeah i forgot to tell you, i like to eat strawberries" NOM NOM NOM

Really nice.

Although I can't say that this really had anything to do with clock day in the start anyway, but the submission itself really was cool to see. It was unpredictable and it provided a cool little subtitles box that I enjoyed reading. You see I know a bit of French myself, so it wasn't that hard to read it. For the most part this was a good submission, and I really enjoyed the originality of it. Good work.

(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
That was a very interesting movie. I was trying to predict what would happen throughout, but I never got it right. Very unpredictable and enjoyable. The graphics were very smooth. Can't believe you haven't made many other movies. I'm sure they would be successful.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really not a whole lot. I was wondering what the hell this had to do with clocks for most of the time.

Munglai responds:

g g g g
I've made quite a lot of movies they're just all old and lame and on an old, lame account which I keep secret. I'm still making stuff now, I just don't submit them here anymore. I'm trying to move away from Flash because it's a really awkward program to do proper animation in.