Reviews for "Tomas et la Fraise"

Yay i found another! :3

The things you craft are magnificent!
i loved the 'FRUIT' vid u made and i love this one as much!
Make more!
Even french ones!

This piece of video was really beautiful. I really

like the artwork and the unusal friendship shared in the story. Keep up the great work dude !

Pretty Decent

I really liked the music, the animation and how well they went together.

truley heart warming!

this is an amzing film, and the whole family can watch. amazing job. and good use of music!

Nice work!

You did an excellent animation and you didn't spell anything wrong. I love your work, keep it coming.

Malade12, j'ai regardé ce merveilleux vidéo puis j'ai jeté un regard sur le reste des critiques. Malheureusement, tu as raison, les gens ssont nuls en français et le verbe ''tuer'' est bien accordé.