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Quiz Fighter

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If you want to download a high rez version of the game, you can do so here:
http://rapidshare.com/fil es/48939704/high.rar.html
(remove the space after fil in the word files on the link)

-This game is graphic intensive, so if you have a slow pc it
might lag.
-Game instructions are in-game.
-Don't forget to turn off caps before answering the
-Sorry about the filesize but those street fighter 3 sprites
are pretty big.
-You will probably complain that it would be better having
multiple choices instead of writing down the game... well if
it was multi-choice it would be too easy to get a high
score, because this games tests your speed in thinking and
-Don't forget if you get all questions right, you unlock a
-For more info about the game and the making go to
http://www.newgrounds.com /ngmag/alphas/alpha/2224
-Thank You for playing! :)

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This game actually was sort of easy but I enjoyed the smooth gameplay it has to offer seems like it's one of those types of games you could ad some medals too but for the most part this was pretty decent of a game so nice job indeed I like the concept of this too

Ad some medals for game play and game time


That game is so easy

I loved this game if only because I was so good at it. I know enough about "Street Fighter" to get into hard mode. That was rather fitting. It was weird how one question was asking me the name of my opponent. It said the name right there! Yes, I remember quizzes.

I imagine "Test Fighter" is even harder. The sprites were very nice. I knew that Dhalism was the one who could stretch. I must have typed his name wrong. I was expecting you to simply be able to click the answer.

a sequel to this would be nice along with more characters u could pick as besides Ryu. also some more themes and boss themes would be nice. 4/5. o.o

Great game, but don't see y its mature tho. My mom stays on my lil bro for small things like dis