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Reviews for "Quiz Fighter"

This game rocks!

It's fantastic! It's the only quiz I've taken that gets me excited and all tense. The little movies after each answer really get you into the game and even if you lose it doesn't matter because it looks great! Well done my friend you have taken an overused and usually boring concept and made it exciting. For that I applaude you!

M1KES responds:

I always wanted to try and fool around with sprites in flash, but i didnt want it to be another sprite-movie everyone has seen, so i tried and make something new and different with the sprites.


best game that is like this.
I really hoped i got it right because the fights were so cool
and if i got it wrong that movie was also great.
amazing i hope to seee a street fighter movie from you

M1KES responds:

Glad you enjoyed it!
I actually thought of making a street fighter based sprite movie, but then some other projects came up. But there will always be the possibility of me making one...
Although it would have to be a damn good movie to match proxicide's movies.


I love the fighting action the most ^^

M1KES responds:

Thanx, it took alot of patience animating everything! :)


What did flash say about it's filesize?

It's over 9000!!!!! (No really, it's about 15 megs.)

M1KES responds:

I did all i could to compress it to the max. Sorry about the size. Although there are larger games..