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Reviews for "Quiz Fighter"

it would've been a good game

i only made it to the 2nd round, i cant even type fast enough... yes i'm a slow typer. but it was fun while it lasted. Great game.

I agree with Firsteye!

Eg.Unlock ken when you beat normal,m.bison in hard mode and akuma in extreme.And if you beat extreme mode with all the questions right you unlock evil ryu with different storyline(enemies and moves,places etc.).

Also the game would be more exciting if it had medals.

Awesome !

Gameplay may not look so exciting, as you're limited ONLY to typing the right answer, but it does gives you some good feelings when you answer the question right. Fight scenes are cool.. a good show as a prize for a just given answer :)
btw: I like those "twists" moments you made.

Well done, sir.

i agree with parinoidNOT

i lose for 1 reson only the timer


Cool concept would be great with character select and alot more questions