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Reviews for "Quiz Fighter"


This game rocks! You deserve a reward or a special place in newgrounds!


This is awesome i just wish their was more timer on the clock but other than that this is probally one of the funnest games on newgrounds! very very good idea! I think it still deseves 10 stars!


don't like the hole quiz thing but animationsv are great

Not bad...

Not a bad SF clone. I like the aspect that you have to actually know a little about the game, the history of it and the characters instead of just mashing buttons to pull off moves and such...what I DON'T like is the fact that you have to type in the answer. Just useing the mouse to click the answer would be much easier since as you go up in levels the timer counts down faster and I'm not sure how many people could spell "hadoken" right withnout checking the spelling on the screen. I lost a few times simply because the timer ran out

I'd suggest either take out the typing of the answer part of it and just allow use of the mouse to click the answer or slow down the timer. Either one--or both--of those add-ons would really elevate the game in my opinion.


it was very good i had fun playing it although i never have played street fighter ever, pls make one for dragonball or mortal kombat!!!