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Reviews for "Quiz Fighter"

Perfect Quiz/Fighting Game

This game taught me two things

1. I know more about Street Fighter than I imagined I would

2. I need to learn to f**king type, lol


Ewesome game!!!


I personally found the game great.
The fight scenes were choreographed very well, with just a bit of over-slow-time once or twice. Bravo!
The questions were sometimes tough, but really - it can be seen, that it's made for the fans.
All in all - great performance, except...
You should have touched the sprites a bit (say... saved them in a different format?) because you could often see "artefacts" on them, which often happens if you save pixel art in *.jpg and a few other formats. It was sort of annoying and ruined part of my experience - therefore 9 stars, and a 5 vote.
Good job, sir!


This was a great idea and is a lot of fun!
My only suggestion would be to make it so you don't have to use the mouse to click the text box and click to enter your answer. Why not just be able to press the enter key instead?
Other than that this is a great game!

A very creative quiz game.

This was an excellent quiz game for Street Fighter,the questions were difficult for the casual fan and it was very entertaining to see a small fight scene after every question plus i like how you had to type in the answer within a time limit which brought out more reasonable difficulty in it,overall i had fun playing this quiz and i think you did a fantastic job on it.