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Wiggi-Hero math race

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A wiggi world contest entry.Please vote fairly-this is again, a kid's game. I put addition and subtraction questions, but multiplication is on the last two levels.Division might be too hard for children so i didn't put it in. 6 levels all in all. My farthest is level 4,hehe.

I kinda focused on drawing/making wiggi characters. to make it more fun. =)

Updates coming soon-I'll add more characters,powerups and bg music
i had to pass this quick because i have exams and projects,hehe

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Big Wig would be proud!

This would be a perfect game for woogi world im suprised it didnt win

Pant, Pant

Wow, this game gets hard. I thought superman was the last level, but then, speed demon comes out (who I'm not sure if it's physically possible to beat. Mabey you cout make the problems harder instead of just popping up the speed every time.

Still, a great game. If it was a bit more progressive I might play it more, it's a great touch up for rusted math skills.

burningice579 responds:

thanks! =)

In my opinion..........

To easy? Did you actually play the whole game? Plus it is aimed at young kids. I think this is an absolutely fantastic game! I love that you can choose your character and this kind of game really gets kids thinking. Its the challenge that makes them work things out faster which is a big thing, because it will be easier for them to work things out in their heads. And if you get something wrong its not like it just skips onto the next question, you stay on it til you actually work it out which I also think is a big plus. Because if a child has a problem with a question they have to work on it til they get it right so it stays in their mind. Sorry if that seems like a long rant, all in all I really do commend you on this game. I think it does what its meant to do and its a really good game. Anyway congratulations, you should be proud. Its a great game for kids . Educational and fun!

burningice579 responds:

thanks! =)

To easy.

Thats all i have to say.


Awesome game we have here.

burningice579 responds:

thanks. hardly getting any good reviews,hehe xD

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2.80 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2007
7:18 AM EDT