Reviews for "Wiggi-Hero math race"

It was fun, though typing numbers isn't my thing.

It would have been much MUCH easier for me if it was multiple choice, I'm not use to typing numbers XD.

Good idea, poor execution

It was too hard to have to type the numbers, click on submit, and then click back into the answer box. Wasted too much time clicking. Also, it's on the hard side. Math is kind of my thing, and I was able to go through the answers fairly quickly, but even I couldn't beat level 5. There is no way that a 12 year old is ever going to beat level 5. If you have an unbeatable level, make it the last one.

Good one!

This kind of games are always needed, somewhen. Pretty good to work math, and quick plus and minus operations. Keep working.

Fun for a sec.

Well, it's very un-entertaining. You needed some music in it. You needed the character to fall over when he made a mistake. And rather than making the enemy run faster, you should have made the questions harder (e.g. x - 8 = 6 so x = ?) And so on so forth.

i hate these games

little kid games do not entertain me

burningice579 responds:

ok. i dnt care...