Reviews for "Wiggi-Hero math race"


Nice idea for a kids game. Need a little more interactivity though.

not bad

not bad, nice game nice idea but maths ent the most interesting thing for me lol, ut good game:D:D^^ x

Good Concept

It was a good concept and overall a good game. The only thing that seemed to bug me was the fact that you had to keep clicking the box and then the solve button.
Maybe a auto-select would make it better.

Alright, but

Even though its a kids game, I would have liked to see some penalty to the player for a wrong answer, whether the character slows down, or you lose points.

I also, I would have liked some background music; something to help my brain think of the answer.

Otherwise, it's a decent game.

Not bad, neither good...

Its alright, the whole idea of the game is good, but... well theres no sound, theres a bit of music, the character limit is short and the questions are all.. adding. It gets repetitive and theres a lack of like any other things like power ups etc... Try adding more things to this and it will be pretty good.