Reviews for "Wiggi-Hero math race"


i got to lvl 5 haha...my score is 555....i almost beat superman

If adults can't finish the game...

then 5 year old kids can't either. I don't think a 5 year old would be able to get far at all. That's not fun. The opponent goes pretty fast, and the input for the answers is a bit clunky.

burningice579 responds:

I knew that, actually.but most people complain that games should be "that" challenging, so there.don't worry, i'll change the speed =).and even though, you still get a score even if you don't get to the last level.

Good Start!

You have a great concept here that I think young children might enjoy. The only criticism I have is that it became quite difficult to complete. I had trouble, not with the answers, but inputing them fast enough. We, as adults, have mastered these math skills and still cannot win the race. Most kids that will be working with this basic level of math not only do not have the keyboarding skills needed to complete even the third level, but will be struggling with the math concepts as well. In addition, the input box should be ready for input immediately instead of needing a mouseclick to activate it.

On the positive side, the cartoony wiggis were a fun addition (pun intended). Keep up the good work, and hopefully we will see the updated version soon!


Like many, you forgot the exit button on the title.

Pretty hard

It got pretty hard around level 5, I knew all the answers but I couldn't type fast enough. Other than that, nice game