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Ng Mod Meat 2007

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This is an intro to the story I have on my site about the third mod meat. Basically some forum mods met up with everyone at the NG office in Philly for a wild weekend of wacky adventures.

Go here for more pictures and stuff: http://500bestsongsever.1 22mb.com./2007modmeat/pag e01.html

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Ah, this brings back memories! Not that I was there, I mean all of the people included here that have either died or gone into hibernation during recent years, and MamaTequila is init! Glad there is still some record of her existence left. Camilla's surprise appearance was a fun addition, and that secret day, and credits that take way too long to start rolling, and the character screen with mortal kombat characters for everyone, that's one awesome database of awesome people. Looks like a lot of time went into descriptions in this, nice work!


Great story

I love the "Mortal Kombat" theme and of course all the other great elements. It is just great to see the biographies (well, brief descriptions) of so many mods on this website. As you are one of the most well known, it only fits that you would be here. It is stuff like this that makes me wish I was able to attend these things. I live in Florida, specifically Panama City, and there are not any comic cons or anything around here. If nothing else, it is great to see (or at least be reminded) of what the guys here look like.


pretty good animation is good

everything about it is good

Cool slideshow

Well, this is really nothing much more than a slideshow of pictures, but the way it was presented shows MUCH more effort than most! Loved the random comments and injokes that accompanied each one, it is obvious that you all had an awesome weekend!

Also enjoyed the little Bio's everyone got, and the MK sprites that went along with them, even if as you saisd they were all ready made and you just ganked them for this entry.


dude i wish i was there that sounds soooooo fun

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Aug 1, 2007
8:47 PM EDT